The restaurant igloos

There is a restaurant in our local area that has decided they don’t want to get rid of their patio dining, even though the temperatures are well below freezing.

They recently erected four ‘igloos’ in the patio area and put the patio dining furniture into the igloos.

I was curious as to what kind of igloo they were talking about. I kept picturing the ice igloos you see in the Arctic region, but I didn’t think it was that cold here. My girlfriend and I headed to the restaurant for lunch on a cold afternoon. There were three ‘igloos’ in the patio area. They were made of plastic and absolutely adorable. We asked if they had any space for two in the igloos. They showed us to our ‘igloo’. When we stepped in, we were greeted with heating. They had a radiant heat space heater right in the middle of the ‘igloo’. The space heater was beneath a glass table and there was room for six people around the table. Our toes stayed warm and cozy because of the space heater and yet they told us we didn’t need to worry about getting burnt. The space heater never became warm on the outside. There were small vents in the glass table that allowed the heat to help to keep the plates warm so our food didn’t get cold. Because of the space heaters, we had a wonderful lunch that afternoon. We have been back a couple of times over the last three weeks and we recommend the restaurant to everyone.

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