The vent for the furnace was broken in the guest bedroom

I love the heating system that we have in our house.

Technically, we have two heating systems, and they both work together to make our house very warm during the winter.

For our primary heating system, we have a furnace that operates on both electricity and natural gas. The first setting relies on a heat pump, but heat pumps do not work well to keep your house warm when the temperatures are below freezing, so when the temperatures get extremely cold, our heating system begins using natural gas to compensate. This system works to keep our house warm throughout the day, and we are very grateful for it. However, this heating system is not the only heating system that we rely on. We also have a wood stove in the living room to give us more heat. The wood stove burns throughout the day to keep us warm, saving us money with our other heating system. There is only one problem with our heating system that really bothers me. Though my heating system is vented to everywhere else in our house, the heating system does not reach the guest bedroom. That means that the guest bedroom is always below 50 degrees, which isn’t warm enough to invite guests over. We have to use a space heater in that room, which costs us a lot of money. Whoever installed our heating system obviously missed a room. I just don’t understand how they could have forgotten to install a vent in that room only. What were they thinking at the time? It is strange.
furnace/heater tune-up