Summer getaway and indoor comfort

I do this at my own regular home as well

Everyone loves to get away when they can from their mondaine daily lives. Especially if you do nothing but work and slave your life away. For me, the time to do this is the Summer. I have a small little home that’s up in the mountains back east. It is a really quiet place and the climate is pretty controlled and decent in that area of the country. The other thing I have at this little getaway home is both a top quality central heating and air conditioning system along with an air purification system. It’s one of those whole home air purification systems too. Not one of those small portable air purification systems. I dumped a lot of money into this Summer getaway home that I own. I wanted to be the most perfect alternate universe away from my daily stressful life. And without great climate control, wonderful air quality and proper central air conditioning, this place would not be what it is. In order for me to relax anywhere I need to have the best possible indoor air quality. I do this at my own regular home as well. Not so much with the whole home air purification system as I can not afford to have 2 whole home air purification systems in 2 different locations. However I do have a few portable air purifiers that I run in my regular house for great indoor comfort. And of course I have super great central heating and air conditioning! My central heating really keeps me warm in the cold Winter months back here where I live with my family.

Mini split air conditioner