No school today

There are no words that can put fear into the heart of a parent than hearing, ‘All schools are closed!’.

Thankfully I don’t hear these words very often since they are usually related to severe weather conditions. My youngsters like hearing that there isn’t any school as well as I know they live for those unexpected mornings off when they aren’t sick. My boys are just like most people else’s in that they like to play outside when it is snowing. My fiance lets the backyard pristine so they have plenty of snow. I don’t mind the boys going out to play because I think it is fantastic exercise as well as they get some fresh air. What I don’t like is that they are always in as well as out. If they shut the doors right away, I would be a bit more patient, but they don’t. I have a constant cold draft running through our house. The furnace is on ninety percent of the time, just so it can keep the home at a fantastic temperature. I don’t know it really reaches the temperature we have set on the thermostat, at any time throughout the day. I have tried to explain to them that they need to be more careful with the door because they leave the cold air in as well as after that I need to run the furnace even more. My youngest, who is only six, smiled as well as said that was cool as he kissed me on the cheek. All I can do is smile as well as make sure I am in the living room to shut the door as well as save some load on our furnace.


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