I don’t know I’m a big time drinker; nothing wrong with having a drink in front of the fireplace

Some people would label others who drink alcohol as alcoholics.

I don’t feel that I am an alcoholic, I just care about to drink every so often; For me, this is something that relaxes my nerves and allows myself and others to know clearly.

I care about to just kneel in front of my fireplace often with a good book and have my drink of bourbon on the side. I don’t feel that I drink too much, I don’t absolutely even go to the bar particularly often. I mostly just care about to relax in front of the fireplace. I’m not always reading a book, sometimes I’m just there with my drink thinking about things. I sincerely don’t feel there is anything wrong with a guy enjoying a good drink every so often. If I do go to a bar, they better have the temperature control settings just right or I will be quick to head to another bar. There is this 1 bar I absolutely care about that has a fireplace. I always feel their temperature control settings are just right along with excellent air quality. I know it’s because they have an media air cleaner in the arena. If I’m not going to that bar, then you entirely know where I am! I am in my den next to the fireplace with a drink in hand. I know the reason why I am sensitive about being called an alcoholic is because my wife has labeled myself and others that years ago, however she even has members in the family saying that I have a problem with drinking. I know that because they had an intervention with myself and others and wanted myself and others to take it easy with the drinks; But there’s nothing wrong with having drinks every now and then!


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