I don’t know how my little ones do it

My wacky adolescents would live in the great outdoors if I would let them, then they are little freaks of their own who love to be wild as well as free… I assume that they would entirely never wear shoes an afternoon in their lives if I didn’t force them to! For me, this is kind of a massive deal because the people I was with and I live where the temperatures outdoors get easily boiling in the summer.

Around here, the temperature can get up into the mid to low eighties even before noon on most days, but in the middle of the summertime when the heat is so bad, I am the type of man who would just love to stay home in the nice cool air conditioner! We each have a great central air conditioning system in our house, as well as it runs almost 24/7 in the summer.

It’s a high efficiency air conditioner system as well as our cooling bills easily aren’t that high, even when the people I was with and I leave the air conditioner on for weeks at a time during the summer. With that being said, I would really enjoy to lock up all the windows as well as doors during the summer time as well as leave the air conditioner on high. I like how great our indoor air quality is with our high efficiency air conditioner unit, however my adolescents don’t seem to like the air conditioner the way that they need to be, however. During the summer, they still want to go outside when it’s super boiling as well as hot and humid, even though they could be inside cooling off in the air conditioner. They really want to go sites love the zoo as well as the park where there’s no pool and no air conditioner at all. I assume that’s what happens when you’re a wild and wild kid! You just don’t love air conditioner.

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