Pros and cons of an indoor arena

When the state said that they would be helping to fund the building of a multi-use arena downtown I was a bit upset.

I never really attend any of the types of events that would take place there so I wondered why my tax dollars had to go toward paying for it.

They tried to tell us that the fees that would be paid to use the space would quickly pay for any costs involved and that it would not really use taxpayers money in the long run. I never understand how they figure this out but my one vote did nothing to stop it. I can definitely see the advantage of having such a large indoor space for sporting events and concerts and it will be a draw for year round events. I can also see where the space will cost a small fortune to heat and cool. They are planning on installing large solar panels on the roof to help offset the need for electricity but even that adds to the cost of the build. As a person who will not benefit directly from the building I am still opposed to the build but more people want it than don’t. If we end up drawing large concerts, indoor shows like sporting events or exhibitions I guess it will be beneficial in the long run. I can’t see how they can say that the taxpayers of our state will benefit especially if you don’t live in our area. I am sure the contractors building the place and vendors like commercial HVAC suppliers will benefit greatly by selling and supplying the equipment needed for its completion.

Cooling workman