My boiler needs to be replaced

Last week, I called the HVAC company to come out and look at my boiler. I wanted to have the burner replaced before winter arrived. When the HVAC technician got to the house, I was shocked when he told me that I needed to have my boiler replaced. He said that the inside of the boiler was rusting and I would need to have the entire heating system replaced. My copper pipes were thinning and even the radiators were beginning to rust. We talked about the expense of replacing the entire system which almost had me choking. My wife and I sat down that night and we started discussing all of the options open to us. We knew what it was going to cost for the new heating system. We started to look into different options. We considered putting in a total electric HVAC system, but that was going to be very expensive in our home. We had an older home and we knew we would need to have all new insulation installed and we would also need our home rewired. Then we talked about having a heat pump installed. We live in an area where the temperatures often go below zero in the winter. When the temperatures are so cold, a heat pump will not work efficiently. My wife wasn’t so thrilled about having a gas furnace, so we finally decided that what we needed was to just replace the entire boiler system. We knew it would last for the rest of our lives and beyond and with it being totally new, our heating system would also be highly efficient.