Troubleshooting My HVAC Zone Control

I was having some issues lately with my heating and air conditioning system.

I own one of those HVAC zone control units, and I actually paid a lot of money for it.

The zoned HVAC system had been running pretty well for the past few years since I had it, until recently, it was not heating and cooling all the rooms in my house as it should have been. I first called a heating and air conditioning specialist from the local HVAC company. The certified heating and air conditioning specialist mentioned something about a zone board. I didn’t understand the concept of what he was talking about. He went on to explain that the zone board of a zoned HVAC system is what makes the thing work. That is how you are able to have the different temperatures in assorted rooms in the house via the thermostats. This heating and air conditioning specialist was very helpful, and, to my surprise, he ended up telling me that before I scheduled a heating and air conditioning repair appointment, that I should look online at some videos about troubleshooting the zone board of the zoned heating and cooling system. I may be able to fix the issue myself if it’s something minor. I really appreciated this advise! Usually, heating and air conditioning companies are trying to get you to schedule HVAC appointments any way they possibly can. But this guy was totally awesome! I looked up the videos he spoke of online, and long story short, I fixed the issue myself with no HVAC repair needed!
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