Space Heaters Are Everywhere!

It has been totally driving me up a wall everywhere I go! I swear, I am seeing space heaters being sold all over the place! It’s almost like some joke someone is playing on me.

If I go to Walmart, I am seeing space heaters for sale all over the place. Also, when I go to the local department store in the mall, they too are selling these space heaters. Then, in the most odd of all places…at the local grocery store! I went food shopping the other week, and while going down the isles, I came across a section that had nothing but piles and piles of space heaters! What is with all these space heaters? It’s a totally crazy trend that’s going on. I know that space heaters are great to heat a room in your home…but come on, placing space heaters for sale every single last place you go? I guess someone in power must own a space heater factory or something like that. This whole space heater pile up has got to go if you ask me! I bought a space heater a few years ago, and sure, it does me good by keeping my den warm, but a space heater is not the best thing since sliced bread. There are better things out there in terms of heating systems. Even with portable heating systems, the space heater is not the latest and greatest in HVAC technology! They have been around for many years! For god sakes, I had one as a kid in the bathroom of my parent’s house!

a/c serviceman