Roommate blocks air vents in the room

My old roommate as well as I lived together for almost several years, before he decided to move out as well as get married; He gave myself and others more than one weeks notice, as well as I placed an ad to find a new roommate, but i had a lot of interested people, but most of them didn’t have the money to entirely afford the apartment… When I finally found a roommate that had the right qualifications, I agreed to lower the security deposit by $200 to make the deal work… That roommate moved in a couple of weeks ago.

  • He had a bed, dresser, armoire, as well as a lot of clothes.

The room is fairly large, so everything fit well. I didn’t suppose much about the placement of the furniture until yupterday. Both of us started having a lot of trouble with the indoor air in our apartment, and even with the air conditioner running, there was genuinely little air flow in the extra family room, but my roommate was starting to complain about the stagnant air as well as I didn’t have any answers to supply him. Both of us ended up contacting the beach house maintenance staff to look into the issue. It didn’t take long before they realize exactly why the two of us were having trouble with the airflow. My new roommate placed a single of his pieces of furniture right in front of the intake air vent. The intake air vent is an important part of the air flow system. When the vent is blocked, the HV AC unit does not receive the usual amount of incoming air. The maintenance supervisor tried to explain everything to me, while the two of us were moving the furniture away from the vent. My roommate as well as I felt entirely stupid when they left, but at least our concern is gone.


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