My partner’s workspace needs help

I have to say that I will never again visit my partner when she is at work. She called myself and others the other day and asked myself and others to come by and drop something off at the plant where she was working. She services unusual sites and makes sure that all the electrical elements are working respectfully. She has done the same task for over twenty years and I have never gone to any of these sites. I usually see him when she is back at the office and it is like any other company setting. The building is clean, temperature controlled and a pleasant site. The plants on the other hand are the exact opposite, the aroma in the place is putrid and the air is heavy and stale. My partner works as an electronic professional for the counties sewer department and the stench in those plants is incredibly bad, then you would believe there would be some sort of ventilation component that would be powerful enough to clean the air inside. I am not sure how the workers can sit being inside even for a moment; I didn’t even have to spend a minute there to get the full and bad effect of the site. I hastily dropped off the item and left. I felt like I needed a shower just from being in there that long, and how she has worked there as long as she has is beyond me. I am blissful she is happy with her task and I have a whole new respect for what she goes through on a workday.


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