I made the right moves to improve the air quality in my home

I’ll be the first to admit, I’m pretty lazy about getting things done.

This has become a big problem for me with keeping up with the cleaning in my home and even worse, keeping up with the HVAC system maintenance.

When I noticed the air quality was getting pretty bad in my home, I finally decided to call up the HVAC company. I was telling the HVAC worker that I needed to improve the air quality in my home. When he asked me a bunch of questions, I ended up telling him I couldn’t remember the last time I had my ductwork cleaned, my air filters weren’t high quality, and I didn’t own any air purifiers. So I had an HVAC technician come over and he talked to me about all the things I should do to have my air quality improved. He said the ductwork definitely needed to be cleaned which I was on board with. He also wanted to sell me a powerful air purifier that would purify the air for the entire household. It was a bit expensive so I was hesitant but he told me all the health benefits that come along with it and how it would improve the air quality drastically. I finally decided to go for it and I also ended up using higher quality air filters that I would change every 3 months. The last thing he talked me into getting was an HVAC system maintenance plan. He said a lot of people save a great deal of money with these plans and I wouldn’t even have to remember appointments, they would call to remind me. I actually loved the sound of saving money and not having to remember, so I signed up for the maintenance plan!


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