HVAC Repair Doesn’t Cut It Anymore

I’ve been working as a heating and air conditioning repairman for the last 10 years.

At first, this was a really decent paying job.

But, that was 10 years ago. The economy has got really bad, the cost of living has nearly tripled, and the pay of being a certified heating and air conditioning specialist just isn’t cutting it anymore. It’s finally come time to look into getting a new career, or, at least another job until I can find a new career path. A heating and air conditioning specialist makes about twenty one dollars per hour. I need at least 30 dollars an hour to survive on the bare minimum where I live these days. As it is, I have had to take a second job for minimum wage just to make ends meet. It’s really draining being a full time certified heating and air conditioning specialist, plus, having to do this other low class minimum wage job on top of it an additional 15 to 20 hours every single week! If I could find a new job, I could go to school for another trade online at night. These days, depending on what you want to do, you can get your degree for a trade online through several different colleges. Being in my middle age now, I would actually prefer to do it this way, instead of having to go to a school physically and sit with a bunch of teenagers and young adults that are young enough to be my kids! I will find the answer to this soon, I hope!
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