The Big Bang

I never realised that a steam boiler could cause such disfigure.

I was enjoying the evening news the other night, plus I saw the most horrible thing! It looked like there was a major loft fire in the city across town, then and the loft that caught fire completely was burned to the ground; But here was the real poor thing…the loft fire caused the steam boiler that was in it to explode! The explosion from the steam boiler is what actually made the loft become complete ash. If it wasn’t for that steam boiler exploding, the loft would have been destructiond, but not beyond repair. I never realised that a steam boiler could cause such disfigure. I knew that gas oil furnaces or gas heating systems would be the reason for something like this happening…but not a boiling water boiler! I think I should be so blissful that I have a central heating plus air conditioning, plus I do not have a boiling water boiler, a gas heating system or a gas heating system in our home. If our loft ever caught on fire, there would be nothing that would cause the entire loft to blow up! I have nothing gas in here, plus I particularly do not have any outdated heating plus air conditioning equipment like a boiling water boiler! Who in the world even has boilers anymore? Most people that got an outdated loft with a boiler replace it instantly with a central heating plus air conditioning idea like I did. Why these people didn’t is beyond me. I think concerned for them, but no one was killed or hurt, so that was fantastic at least.

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