Rules Of The Online Country

I belong to this online forum community that is for certified heating and a/c specialists.

I am not a certified heating and a/c specialist, although I joined because I am in college right now going for our HVAC certification.

Everyone there is legitimately nice and helpful in assisting me in studying and finding more information on heating and cooling. It helps me with our homework that I have to do, and but, let me tell you, the people that run the online community have got a bit out of hand with the rules as of lately. They stress that no a single can drop clickable live attachs to any websites, no clickable live attachs to any other HVAC communities and no clickable live attachs to pretty much anything! They claim that the clickable live attachs cause spam bots to come in and swamp the forum. I don’t think that’s legitimately a immense issue. I recognize the people that run the place are just getting very lazy! If I want to drop a clickable live attach to a website to show a single of the certified heating and a/c specialists something, I should be able to! After all, I am paying a few bucks a month to even be a member of this otherwise appealing online community of certified heating and a/c specialists! They seem to forget that a lot of the time…why, I don’t know? I entirely dropped a clickable live attach the other day and got a warning about getting kicked out of the community if I ever did it again, but like I said, they are getting ridiculous.

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