My brother is so smart

My brother has always been the brains of the family.

He was always in advanced classes because he is so smart.

I could tell that my parents were always so proud of him when he brought home a report card that had all A’s on it. Sometimes I would compare myself to my brother and start to feel bad that I wasn’t as smart as he was studying didn’t come as naturally to me. However, I am still really proud of my brother and only want the best for him. He decided that while he was in school he wanted to study to become an HVAC technician. This didn’t really surprise me too much because studying the HVAC industry can be a really hard thing to do, but it came very easily to my brother. He is really nice to have around too when my HVAC system isn’t working because he will repair the HVAC system for free. He never even asks me for money which is nice of him. He asked me one day if I would want to go to school to study HVAC units and then one day we could go into business together. However, I am nervous that I am not smart enough to understand the HVAC industry and I will end up letting my brother down. However, my brother reassured me that he would help me along the way and that I could do anything if I set my mind to it. So, right now I am thinking about going to school to study HVAC so I can go into business with my brother.
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