Just because I have central HVAC doesn’t mean I’m getting rid of my window A/C unit

At our property, I have central heating and cooling.

This is the most famous type of a/c equipment in our area, by far… Because I live in the South, it is not usual to have a boiler or a separate gas furnace, however it is incredibly easy to operate the central Heating, Ventilation, and A/C equipment because all one needs to do to go from heating equipment to a/c is flip a switch on the temperature control unit from the heat setting to the cool setting.

Anyway, at a certain time, more than 2 years before I ever even purchased the property, the house had window a/c units. Even though they are designated as window A/C machines, they were not actually placed in windows. Instead, there are holes in the walls that are designed particularly for that type of a/c unit. That means if I were to get rid of the window a/c equipment, I would have to hire someone to come in and fill in the space that houses them. Instead, I just chose to keep the window a/c units. Just one of them actually works, despite the fact that I adore having it because it can be used as an a/c if the larger HVAC equipment needs repairs. By the same token, it can be used as extra cooling on entirely sizzling days or when I have a lot of people over and would love a little more cooling than the central HVAC equipment provides. The only time it has ever been a setback was one time when I decided to put our property on the market. I did choose to place it on the market, and almost everyone who saw the listing kept asking, “Does it have central a/c equipment?” Because they saw the window A.C machines in the photos, they assumed it didn’t have the more popular central heating and cooling equipment.


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