I Wish I had Some Gloves Because my Hands Are Freezing As I Try to Type

I work in an office, like many people.

My job involves being on the computer all day long, and to tell you the truth, my office is not really ergonomically wonderful. I often have difficulty maintaining my comfort level throughout the day, and I can’t really see the computer screens all that well. BUt the worst thing about my discomfort at work is the stupid HVAC system. The air conditioning, which is all we ever use, is quite scatterbrained. It is downright freezing in my office, but my boss’s office is too warm. There are three thermostats in our workplace, and we set all three of them to the same thermostat setting. Even so, I am freezing and he is hot. In fact, I wish I had some gloves because my hands are freezing as I try to type right now and practically every day. Even though it is summer in the south, and the outdoor temperature is hovering near three digits on a regular basis, I have to keep a sweater in my office. I understand that he is too hot, but I really don’t think that keeping the other thermostats set so low helps his office at all. I am at a loss as to why he is being so selfish about this situation, and if I need to get gloves to go along with the sweater, I guess that is what I will do. Autumn is coming soon, so maybe it won’t be so bad when the cooler weather arrives. Maybe we won’t be using the heater quite as much, so it will be better.

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