I purchased my first window air conditioner

I grew up in a home where my parents refused to get an air conditioner.

Now, if I had been living in the North, I might understand their arguments a bit better.

However, we lived in the South. Most people were using their air conditioners all year round. In our vehicle, we were forced to use the air conditioner because the car was so hot that it could literally burn our fingers. However, in the house, my parents expected us to survive the heat. We didn’t want to spend so much time outside because, without water, it was likely that we could die without any relief. Inside, the house was even warmer, and we would be covered in sweat without an air conditioner. We always tried to complain and convince my parents that an air conditioner would be a wise investment, but they never agreed. They figured that we would become weaker if we used an air conditioner to make us comfortable all of the time. When I moved out, do you know what the first thing I purchased was? I purchased an air conditioner for my house. I was tired of being hot all summer, and I knew from being at school and at friend’s houses that an air conditioner would make me a lot more comfortable. I started by purchasing a window air conditioner that I could put in my room, but I realized that I save a lot of money if I purchased a central air conditioner. My parents still grumble about air conditioners, but they never complain while they are at my house!
a/c rep