Stink Bugs managed to get into the system of ductwork

When I bought a new home with my family in this new area, we thought that it was a dream come true.

It really was too because it was a really nice home.

We lived in the home comfortably for a few months until we started smelling something incredibly funky. The smell was coming from the HVAC vents so there had to be something in the system of ductwork. I quickly reached out to the HVAC company so an HVAC worker could tell us what the problem was. When we learned that we had stink bugs in our ductwork system, we were shocked. The HVAC technician told us not to worry, that they handled this kind of thing all the time. He said that stink bugs were a common problem around these parts and they had the right cleaning equipment for the job. So they sprayed some kind of stuff into the ductwork system when everybody was out of the house. I believe that is what they used to kill all the insects and then they vacuumed and cleaned all the ductwork with some special type of cleaner. The cleaner was effectively able to remove all the nasty odors and when they were completed with the project, we had the air out the house for a good hour before going back in. When we got back in the home, it was fresh and clean and there was no more smell when we ran the HVAC system. I don’t know how those bugs got into our ductwork system, but I hope we don’t have to deal with this problem all the time.

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