My brother’s fight with the HVAC technician

People tend to argue when they are frustrated, mad or sometimes when they are passionate about something and others disagree with them. I think that people should be careful about how they talk to other people. There really is no reason why people can’t speak in a civilized manner and have a debate on a subject without turning it into a heated argument. Of course we argue all the time, we are all just humans after all. This is a part of our nature. The other day I went over to my brother’s house to visit and he was there arguing with an HVAC technician. He was telling the HVAC technician that he did a lousy job and the HVAC system was still making a crazy noise. The HVAC technician was saying that it wasn’t his fault the HVAC system was so old. My brother was being rude saying that the HVAC worker needed to go back to school and get his HVAC certification all over again because he obviously didn’t know what he was doing. I talked to my brother for a minute after the HVAC worker left and he was able to calm down. I was saying that it’s not really healthy to argue with people like that. It’s certainly not good to insult people. I’m sure they could have reached some sort of understanding and maybe the HVAC system could have been repaired properly. Obviously they were both too frustrated to really get anywhere. He agreed that he could have been nicer about it, but he didn’t like the fact that the HVAC worker didn’t seem to know what he was doing.

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