Being a bookkeeper in a library

I loved it! I could never get enough

Over summer vacation, in my spare time, I used to be a bookkeeper for my local library. I didn’t have to do this, but I loved books. Any opportunity for me to be around them was a gift to me, I also loved helping other people find the right book. I usually would ask them a series of questions about what they’re looking for what they like and so forth. Sometimes people would become impatient, but luckily, once I found them the perfect book, their anger is forgotten. Very few times I’ve actually had it where someone didn’t like the book I recommended. I took the time to memorize almost every book from front to back, and that was incredibly hard! But I found the stories to be extremely interesting, even the more boring ones. And since it was library, you could find all types of genres of books and of all ages! I read all kinds of books from biographies, fiction, informative, history books and more. I loved it! I could never get enough. One of the nicest features of a library is that it is so cool inside, they always had the air conditioning going, so it always felt great in there. When I became a bit more advanced in my tasks, they actually gave me the task of checking on the AC and making sure it was working properly and what not. This usually involved checking the AC filter, and ensuring that it’s not too dirty, I also was in charge of following the cooling system’s maintenance plan, and calling a HVAC professional when it was due for a checkup.

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