We needed more light in the house

We live in a shaded area which means we have a lot of shade.

Our home is always dark.

Although it is quite cool all of the time, we find that we are missing the light. During the winter it gets too cold in the house. Without more windows and more light, we have found that we are both suffering from depression. We can get more heat by adding a fireplace in the living area. We updated our heating system to make it warmer in the house. During the summer, we put in a dehumidifier to take away the dampness in the house. We have never had air conditioning, because we don’t need it. I really don’t want to change that part of it, but we need more light. When winter comes around, we have barely eight hours of daylight and with all of the shade,, it feels like even less. As much as we hated to do it, we decided to cut down a bunch of trees and do some changes to the house. We added some skylights throughout the house and we put more windows around the house. We have kept most of our shade, but we put a sunroom in the front of the house. We are able to sit in the sunroom and soak up all of the sun that we need and our depression has been taken care of. We did need to add some air conditioning to the sunroom. The way the sun was shining in through the windows, it would get really hot. I’m hoping that in the winter, the windows are insulated enough that we won’t need to use the heater.

Air conditioner installation