Now I Have a Heat Pump and No Furnace

That was my last lap.

I just finished the last long, cold winter way up north. I am through battling these winters year after year. I think maybe I’m just wore out with all that goes into getting through a winter. The furnace was my friend during that kind of weather. I even tried to find the good in being cold. Skiing, I liked but that was about it. The snow was great for about the first 20 minutes before I am wet and cold. There just really isn’t one thing about the cold that I am going to miss. That also includes a snow filled Christmas. No longer will I be saddled with the soaring cost of heating a home during months of temps in the teens. My new best friend is the heat pump for the mild winter climate. We moved south during the spring so there will never again be any need to shovel snow or chip away ice. I just flip a switch on the heat pump. The summer will be really hot but I’ll take that anyday over a 7 month cold snap. But, the heat pump has done a superior job of keeping the house cool so far. Our utility bill is still far less than what I would have spent heating my house for just a few months. That’s a far better trade off. I’m so very thankful that I can now relax during the sun and blue skies of a winter down south. I think I’ll just sit on my deck and watch the world go by.

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