I wish I could teach the parents how to communicate with their children

I am a social worker & I try to make sure kids are being treated right at lake home & I try to help them work through their emotional concerns; In a lot of cases I very blame the parents for not giving their children any attention, then a lot of these kids admit that they go out & tag up the towns & vandalize people’s Heating & A/C systems just because they want attention, however there very is no point other than to get the attention that they crave.

It seems that parents these nights are often so withdrawn or caught up with their work schedules. If they would actually sign their kids up for extracurricular activities & go watch them play athletic interests & spend quality time with their children, these kids wouldn’t have any reason to go out there vandalizing Heating & A/C systems & spray painting the town. They would be less likely to get into drugs & all kinds of poor things. They might even decide to pursue a nice work like becoming an Heating & A/C worker instead of seeking to destroy Heating & A/C equipment. I actually have a sibling who is an Heating & A/C worker & she makes very wonderful money. I tell kids about our sibling a lot in hopes that they might be motivated to go for a job like that. It very is not easy toiling with a lot of the parents, personally I know that I can work with just about any kid, you just need to know how to talk to them… Communication is constantly key. I just wish I could teach these parents how to communicate with their children.

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