Home office is much more passable with ductless HVAC

Wow, there is a immense difference between toiling in a professional office setting and toiling in a makeshift office in your own home.

And, that is not including the apparent differences.

This giant life change has touched nearly every area of my life and business. I once found such delight in the structured, HVAC controlled, wood paneled office where I worked for a long time. It was a real delight and I never took it for graned. At least the supplier was direct in the way they handled my ouster. I have to at least give them that. They were quite direct in their wishes for me to take an early retirement. My salary was bloated in their view and they needed to streamline the operation. It made sense although it broke my heart. I just wasn’t ready to not continue my passion. I still absolutely much wanted to work. It didn’t take much coaxing from my wife before I went out on my own as a consultant. The transition began as I took over a single of the unused guest rooms and transformed it into an office for myself. While I didn’t have the lovely office amenities, I could get the HVAC comfort I found so charming in my old office for all those years. The dining room was consistently stuffy and the direct sun made it uncomfortable in the late day. I didn’t want to lower the entire house’s temperature to accommodate a single room. So, I called the HVAC supplier to ask for their assistance. They came up with an immediate solution. An HVAC specialist came out and installed a ductless mini spilt HVAC unit. This thing is good because I have an independent temperature control and HVAC to cool just my new office.

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