We are enjoying quality time together

When I first moved to a new area, the first thing I did was located the church I would be going to. When I went to this church for the first time, I was impressed with the air quality and the incredible Heating and Air Conditioning system. I couldn’t recognize that the temperature control settings were just right and there seemed to be no dust anywhere in the building. The locale was unquestionably beautiful and it had a certain reverence that made myself and others think at peace. I observed that there were a lot of people there too, so the air conditioner system must have been especially strong to work against all the body heat. When I got around to talking to some people, I definitely l earned that they recently substituted their Heating and Air Conditioning system and how the ductwork cleaned in the church. It was a easily high-priced project, however most of the people in the church donated towards the cause. When I l earned about this, I decided to donate a little bit of money for the cause too because I was there enjoying this marvelous Heating and Air Conditioning system. They also had a nice media air cleaner that kept the air quality so nice. I also heard that a lot of new members were joining this certain church after hearing about the new Heating and Air Conditioning system with the media air cleaner, however people weren’t necessarily sure if people were coming for the comfort, or if they just wanted to get closer to God, however I guess what matters is the fact that more people are coming to church to hear the words of the gospel every Sunday.



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