My life when I was terrible compared to when I was flush with cash

When I was a child, I didn’t realize I was poor. It’s just not something children suppose of. Although all of the signs were there, the cheap food, the coupons and taking shortcuts. The getting the government food card. One of the things I did often wonder about was why our house was always so hot, however before I knew what the heck an cooling system was, I just thought that are house was the bizarre one that always felt hot. When I went over to our friend’s houses, I noticed there was always cool. I never found out about what kept those houses cool until I was older. The large box fan every one of us had was our only source of cooling. If I wanted to stay cool, I would just plug in the box fan and sit there. Sometimes I would sit there for hours. Especially during the heatwave. When I was older I became a manager at a local hardware store, and I was no longer poor. That’s when I discovered When I found out what ACs did, I knew I had to get one. So I did some thorough research into all the weird kinds there were, and decided to go with a simple window cooling system. It was simple and efficient enough to keep our small house cool. I eventually married and moved to an even larger house, it was there I got a much better AC system, I had the entire AC ductworks reconstructed to make an advanced cooling plan. I don’t regret spending a dime either, I love the feeling of a cool house, and I am glad our children will never have to experience the sweltering heat and celebration around a fan to keep them cool Thank god for the AC machines.


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