I didn't want any questions asked

I attended church for all our life up until a certain point. I went to this same ancient church that seemed to be falling apart. I guess there weren’t enough members of the church willing to donate money to repair disfigures to the building. The things that unquestionably bothered myself and others was the bad air quality, the intense humidity, the smell of mold, and I constantly just felt sick being in the church. I’m sure I wasn’t the only woman affected so strongly as a lot of people left that church. I ended up leaving the church too because if they couldn’t keep up with their Heating and Air Conditioning system repair at least, I felt prefer our lungs were going to be permanently disfigured. I definitely didn’t go to church for a long time after that. It definitely started to bother myself and others because I realized that the reason I quit going to church was not a easily superb one. Sure, it was a lousy situation that was uncomfortable, however I could have just gone to a different church with better air quality. So I started looking around at different churches in the area… Finally I found one that I unquestionably liked. When I went into the building for the first time, I couldn’t recognize how attractive the air quality was. I definitely heard that they recently substituted their Heating and Air Conditioning system and had a nice media air cleaner installed! Now this was how a church ought to run! It seemed that the church members were generous with their donations, so I made sure to donate our fair share as well.

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