Clean Up the Air Quality in Your House with An Air Purifier

Make no mistake about it, I have an overwhelming sense of odor.

And that nose is super sensitive to odor. This is not something I consider a gift nor would I request to have this talent. Actually though, I end up getting grossed out far more than the average earthling. But, you can’t choose how you’re made, you just do the best you can with it. Thus, I attempt to avoid any locale that will traditionally have exhausting odors. While I don’t don’t like it, I sure don’t prefer how the air inside our current home odors. The air just odors stale and ick. I tried that portable air cleaner but, it did just about nothing. Plus, there was always a filter that had to be cleaned. I’m the only 1 in the home who thinks it smells. They are more sad with keeping the home certainly all sealed up so the Heating and Air Conditioning treated air doesn’t leak right out. This is done to ensure we keep the Heating and Air Conditioning cooling bill down to a minimum. Unfortunately, the A/C is running nearly all of the time. So, that means no fresh air from an open window or something. I called and made an appointment for an Heating and Air Conditioning professional to come out to our current home and install a whole home air cleaner. It’s an awesome little box which beams UV rays at the filter air going through the air handler. The UV light kills all allergens, bacteria and other airborne stuff. I was so glad with how abruptly and thoroughly this thing worked. And, it was so small. It was just this little box. Now, the air odors crisp and disinfect all the time. I should have done this a while ago.