A wonderful deed

I have been an accountant for more than seven years, but sporadically the task is boring, but I honestly appreciate working with numbers, however most of the year I am working on tax projects. There are a few projects that I also complete, but one of those is a small task for a local heating plus a/c. The heating plus a/c company is a small supplier with several employees. The wife plus wifey who own the company are getting older, plus they legitimately wanted to find someone to help them with the paperwork. The man plus lady were friends of our parents, so I agreed to take on the bookkeeping responsibilities for half of our official rate. I have been working for the heating plus a/c company for the past many years, then last week, the owner of the heating plus a/c company send some paperwork to be signed. They send 1 of their employees, so they could save currency with an lavish courier. The gentleman waited in our office while I looked over the paperwork plus signed all of the flagged areas, but all of us talked for a few minutes plus then both of us laughed for a few minutes. The woman was absolutely cute with sizzling eyes, brown hair, plus a absolutely nice smile… Her name was Chad, which was on her shirt. I decided to swallow our pride plus ask for Chad’s iPhone number. She grinned plus smiled plus hastily wrote down the number on the back of a company card. All of us have a date tied up for next Wednesday… Chad is going to take myself and others to brunch plus a show.


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