Coworker is struggling without air conditioning at her apartment

Sometimes it’s apparent that friends, family or coworkers are having a difficult time.

I am always anxious to help out.

Just recently, a co-worker plus of mine, Amy, has been looking especially exhausted and unhappy. For the past two weeks, Amy has come to work a bit rumpled, with dark circles under her eyes. I wondered if she was having trouble sleeping or might be coming down with something. She’s been distracted, disorganized, and quiet whenever I try to talk to her. She hasn’t necessarily been in a bad mood, but it’s been obvious that something is causing her some distress. Last friday, I finally asked her what was happening in her life. She admitted that the air conditioner at her apartment had quit working. The cooling system had malfunctioned almost a month before. Considering we are in the middle of July, with temperatures in the upper eighties and high humidity, it’s a bad time to be without any AC. Any said she had called her landlord and complained about the lack of air conditioning several times. He’d promised to hire a local HVAC company for repair, but said every single one was booked up for service appointments already. He was unwilling to pay the extra cost for emergency HVAC service. Amy was struggling to sleep at night without any air conditioning. She said the temperature was consistently around 79° in her apartment. She was running about a half dozen box fans but they weren’t helping all that much. I felt bad for my co-worker and invited Amy to stay with me until her air conditioner was repaired.


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