Cooler fall weather allows me to shut of the air conditioner

I am relieved the summer weather is at an end.

It’s been a long stretch of the same high temperatures, day after day.

I am tired of the constant heat and humidity and ready for the fall season to bring some cooler temperatures. I prefer the fall because it offers lots of great food, fun activities and the change of seasons. It reminds me that another year has nearly come to a close and I start looking forward to Christmas. I love to take walks or go for runs outside in the cool air. I am not stuck inside on the treadmill, relying on the air conditioner for comfort. I like that I can comfortably wear a light sweatshirt instead sweating non stop. Plus, the air quality is so much better. Rather than keeping the house closed up tight, breathing the same air conditioned air, I can open the windows for ventilation. I can get rid of air contaminants such as dust and dander and there’s no concerns over excess humidity. All summer long, I need to run the dehumidifier to prevent damage to furnishings and health concerns. I spend a lot less money without the central cooling system and dehumidifier operating non stop. My only concern with fall is that I know it won’t be long until I need to start up the heating system. I’ll be forced to close the windows and be stuck paying higher energy bills once again. The fall season never lasts quite long enough.



Air conditioning technician