I don’t think yoga is a good enough work out

My buddy Dani is obsessed with yoga.

The only workout she will do is yoga and not even everyday.

I am not going to lie, I don’t think yoga is a good work out. Everyone wants to bite off my head when I say that, but I just don’t think it has enough benefits. I feel yoga is more of a social outlet and relaxation tactic for people. My buddy gets to hang out with girls around her age and sit on comfy mats. Yes, there is stretching and holds that are good for the body. If you hold body positions long enough, the muscles will tone up. But, I know my friend does not do this. She is not even sweaty after going to the yoga studio and will eat a full lunch afterwards. Where is the cardio in yoga? Where is the weight lifting and all over body training? Basically she gets small amounts of muscle training and balance. Again, one day a week that doesn’t seem like a bad thing. But, I think my friend is not as healthy as she thinks she is. I rotate what I do fitness wise daily. I do cardio three days a week. I do weight lifting with arms one day, legs the other and the last day is targeted towards my abs. The final day in my week is stretching and balance training. I hit all areas of my core and I rotate getting my heart pumping or building muscle. I feel I am way more healthy than my friend.

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