He Wants to Become a Personal Trainer

My boyfriend really wants to become a personal trainer! He doesn’t want to be the stereotypical gym bro that says he’s a personal trainer and flexes all day.

  • My boyfriend really wants to become a certified fitness expert while working in a body and wellness center.

The steps to become a personal trainer is a little daunting than he originally thought. First, he needs his high school GED. Next, his college degree in exercise science, interests medicine or physical fitness is essential. He’ll also need to be CPR and AED trained to strengthen his potential trainers portfolio and helps with his certification. Then, a fitness specialty in something like one on one training, group fitness training, or body recovery is needed. After my boyfriend chooses this, he needs to pursue his certification. He can do multi step training, certification classes or simply rely on his college degree in the field. Finally, once he’s done with this, he’ll have to work at a few gyms so he can work his way up to build a portfolio plus show results. My boyfriend has been working at several gyms for a few years now. He’s technically a personal trainer, but only for the gym in town. He ideally would like to be working in a fitness center that only specializes in personal training. He wants to work in group fitness classes or one on one training. He has the education now and plenty of experience. The issue he’s having is finding his ideal gym that offers what he wants. I’m willing to relocate and switch jobs so that my boyfriend can achieve his dream. Wish him luck.

Personal Fitness Trainer