We spent far too much money

I like to take our kids to the park on the weekend, because it is a free interest, however with 3 children in school, being a single mom can truly be difficult; I task a full-time job plus still make time to spend the morning with our children, and every one of us cannot spend a lot of money, but I’ve found multiple nice activities that the two of us can appreciate together.

Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park is a single of our number one locales to go.

Every one of us have 2 small pets, plus this park is a single of the best pet friendly spots in the Tampa area! Another a single of the locales that our family plus I like to go is Cypress Point Park! This part is a little bit different, plus there are picnic sites, hiking trails, plus a beach area. During the weekend, both of these parks can get truly tied up truly hastily. If our kids plus I are planning on spending the morning hiking, going to the beach, or fishing, the two of us try to arrive to our endpoint before all of the part tourists. Tampa is a number one tourist endpoint in Florida, plus the weekends are always filled with people looking for something to do. As long as the kids plus I arrived to our number one locale early, after that I don’t have to worry about parking or crowds. No matter where you are in Tampa, there is always going to be a free park with plenty of recreational activities plus festivals, then many of the parks plus the Tampa part are handicapped friendly with wheelchair accessible pools plus facilities. It’s a wonderful locale to visit plus an even better locale to live.