The Overcharged Credit Card

I was so angry last week! I went and got my credit card statement that came in the mail, and it looked like my card was completely maxed out! I could not believe what I was seeing, because I knew for sure I had plenty of credit on that credit card! At first, I thought maybe some hacker got into my account and ran up my bill.

But, when I looked at it, it seemed there was a computer error on the part of the exterminator I called the other week to take care of a major bee problem I had in the back.

I had a big bee hive back there where tons of honey bees and regular bees were sharing the area, and trying to live there! This was not good for me, so I had to have the exterminator come out and wipe them all out! But what ended up happening, is that in addition to the extermination of all those bees, they also wiped out my credit card! I called the exterminator company and told them what happened. They looked into it, and seen the error they made. They apologised up and down for what happened and refunded the overcharge within 1 single business day. They also offered me a free year of bee removal, relocation and extermination services for any pests. I thought this was a very good trade off! This extermination company is honest, and that is what I like in a business. Honesty, trust, and the american way!
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