Multi Split Air Conditioning At The Old Movie Theater

Today I love going to the movies.

  • But, I especially love going to the old movie theaters that have been around since the 1970’s and 1980’s.

They have a more natural and non-modern feel to them. I really hate the computer/internet age looking stuff of today. It makes me feel like I am in some futuristic sci fi movie from when I was a kid! This old movie theater in town did something pretty awesome to ensure they had great air conditioning during the hot months of the year. Instead of upgrading to a central heating and air conditioning system that’s up to today’s standards, they put several ductless mini split air conditioning systems around the place! They had 3 mounted in the actual movie theater, on both sides. It is a twin theater.n Then, in the lobby where they have the snacks and all, they have another few ductless mini split air conditioning systems mounted there. It looks really nice without taking away from the original feel of the theater. If you were to remove those ductless mini split air conditioning systems, the place would look no different than it did 40 years ago…which is totally ok and awesome in my book! Their heating in the colder months of the year is done by an old electric furnace, and comes through the air vents. Their electric furnace is the same one that they’ve had all these years as far as I know. Anyway, this movie theater sure is one of a kind! And, I hope it remains here for many more generations after i’m long gone.


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