Local newspaper job

I am a reporter for a local newspaper, and I am constantly having to write articles on things that I assume nothing about! I do not mind the work, and I don’t mind writing about things that I assume nothing about, because I get to learn all kinds of current things! But when recently, I was set to have to write an entire 2 page article on the whole health and fitness center scene, along with checking out some yoga studios and other things in the health and wellness community, I was a bit baffled! I assume nothing about fitness, body wellness, personal trainers, yoga and yoga studios! I am the most unfit and out of shape person you could possibly ever meet! Now, I am not saying I am overweight and unattractive or anything adore that.

What I am saying is that I just assume nothing about fitness, body wellness centers and even gym memberships.

The first job I had to do was to go to this once fitness center/gym combo and interview the people who go there respectfully about the rising costs of their gym memberships. This part was simple for me, so I was legitimately nice with all of that. However, when I had to traninterest on to the next part of the interviewing and research, this is where I felt lost. I was to interview this 1 local business about their corporate wellness program. I never even heard of a corporate wellness program nor what it was! So I had to sort of wing it. It all worked out ok though.

Workout program