I refuse to share a house with a friend.

When I was younger, I soon realized that sharing a house with a friend was a great idea if you wanted to ditch the friendship.

If you were really committed to your friendship, then you should never live with that person.

My best friend and I thought it would be fun to room together when we went to college. We were taking the same classes and doing everything else together, so why not live together. We did a lot of talking about the decision before making it. Unfortunately we only discussed the fun we would have and we never thought we would have any problems. I wish now we would have given some thought to it. We were only together for a month when we were arguing constantly. I hated how she abused the thermostat. Every time I walked into the house, she had the thermostat so high that I would walk into the apartment and start sweating. I would turn the thermostat back down and she would get upset with me. I knew she always wore sweaters, but I thought it was just fashionable for her. It was because she was always cold. Had we known we had such different likes in heating and air conditioning, we would have never moved in together. We nearly ruined our friendship because of not having this discussion. Within a couple of months, we were at each other’s throats and ready to never talk to each other again. We ended up moving out of the apartment and deciding that we would rather have our friendship than the apartment.
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