I hated my roommate

After graduating from college, I wanted to make sure I never had to have another roommate.

I hated the guys that I had been stuck with.

I’m not saying they weren’t nice guys, but we were so different. We would go out partying together and we would have a lot of laughs, but when it came to our habits in the house, we were too different. It seemed that if we had Zone Control in the house, we may have been able to get along together. Since we didn’t have Zone Control, we were having trouble living together. It seemed that we all wanted to have control of the thermostat. It didn’t matter what was going on in the house, someone had to be the thermostat hog. We were having a party one night. There must have been fifty people in the house, which was making it really warm in the house. Although it was winter, we really didn’t need to have the heating on. I went over to turn the thermostat down and I couldn’t believe someone had it pegged at eighty. I turned it down to sixty and I walked away. I noticed that the windows were still being opened and I went back to look at the thermostat again. Once again, someone had upped the thermostat to eighty. I was furious because I was one of the people who had to pay the energy bill. With the windows open, the furnace was running continually, but since the thermostat was at eighty, it was even worse. I packed my belongings and I moved out that night. I wasn’t going to be around when that energy bill came in.

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