I had a better idea than I realized

My corporation decided to open a third branch this year.

The current branch is going to be in Tampa, Florida. Right now, the corporation has 2 other branches. One of them is in Tucson, AZ, and the other one is located in Pittsburgh, PA. I task at the branch in PA, where the corporation first got started. The business sells plastics and recyclables, and we have a non profit organization that turns bottles into shoes. I gave to move to Tampa, Florida as soon as I heard about the current branch. The corporation was looking for several members of the staff to make the transfer, and I was glad to apply for a current position. Since I have been with the corporation for more than two years, I decided to apply for a management position in the Tampa, Florida branch. I interviewed for the position last Wednesday, and they called on Monday to supply me the fantastic news. I was uneasy in the start, because I didn’t feel if I would acquire the raise and promotion. My parents were upset when I told them that I was going to move to Tampa, Florida. They’ve lived in the north their whole life, and they can’t understand why someone would choose to move to the armpit of America. After all, it’s hot, humid, and sticky. The current branch in Tampa, Florida is going to open in 60 nights, and I am already starting to pack. I feel our parents will miss me, even though I am really happy to see a current space of the country. I might even learn to surf or paddle board.