I couldn’t believe there was a yellow jacket problem at the pool

In the summertime weeks of the year, myself and others as well as my family always love going to the public pool in our area.

It is a pretty nice venue for the youngsters to meet other youngsters, as well as just total family fun all around! Normally, it is drama free with nothing at all in the world going on pretty much! But, a single day this last summertime they had some kind of setback with bees as well as yellow jackets… They had to genuinely hire an exterminator to come out to the public pool as well as do a dire relocation of a ton of yellow jacket nests, as well as some general bee extermination on top of that.

The day this happened, there was a fairly sizable sign on the gate where you enter the public pool that said it was closed. Every one of us all thought the worst that maybe they were going out of business altogether. It was when they told us the next day what was happening there that we were completely shocked! Every one of us did not notice a concern with any kind of yellow jackets or wasps… So I was wondering when it happened…did it happen overnight maybe? They told us the yellow jacket as well as wasp concern had been there for weeks, however, it wasn’t anything dangerous yet. The day they closed for the day, that was the day that things were becoming dangerous, so that’s why they called the exterminators to get rid of those crazy yellow jackets as well as wasps. They wanted to perform relocation of the nests right into the disposal component they had in the truck! I honestly hope something crazy like this doesn’t happen again.


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