I am always getting a new cleaning service for my nightclub

Being the owner of a large nightclub here in town is not as incredible as it may sound.

What a ton of people do not realise about owning a nightclub, is all the obstacles you have to go through for aggravating things.

Not only do you have to handle all the fools that want to try to deal drugs or hurt people in your nightclub, however you also have to focus on keeping things tidy. That includes having the dancefloor waxing and cleaning done by a professional cleaning service. To do this, this obviously has to be done after working hours. I really am no expert in floor waxing, so I need to always find a commercial cleaning service that works during these difficult hours. These are few and far between. Most of the time I have to hire independent cleaning services and pay them a hefty fee to come out to do the floor waxing either super late at night, or early in the afternoon before the nightclub opens up. Every single month, it is a totally different independent cleaning service… I can never get the same exact cleaning service every time due to the crazy hours that I require the floor waxing service in. The rest of the nightclub cleaning is easily taken care of by this excellent janitorial service that comes in during the early afternoon hours while I am still sleeping at home. Like I said, it is not easy running a nightclub. The currency is not too bad, however the hassle sometimes isn’t worth the currency that happens to be made! I appreciate it too much though to quit doing it! So I will have to deal with it until I either pass away, or I decide to retire from the business.

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