hanging with an HVAC Tech

Last year me and our husband gave ourselves a break and took out 1 of those getaway rental sites in a real quiet area.

The happy two of us entirely needed to get away from the everyday hustle and bustle of modern-day life and spend some quality time together.

This small little getaway rental was chest a condo, and there was mostly older married folks staying they’re exactly like us, and all the people was so nice to converse with. Our associate we had was easily interesting and informative to say the least. He was a certified heating and air conditioning specialist for the government. His husband was retired. When I asked him at first why he wasn’t retired from the heating and air conditioning business yet, he said that he enjoyed the work too much, and the day he retires is going to be the day where he probably physically just can’t do it anymore. He was definitely still in pretty good shape, so this easily wouldn’t be any time soon, from what I could tell. This entirely nice HVAC workman that was our temporary buddy told me and our husband a lot of stuff about the modern heating and air conditioning contractor he worked in, and was closely explaining some of the detailed tasks that he went on with personally fixing commercial HVAC systems, installing radiant radiant heated floors, and even cutting out and replacing expansive air duct. He mentioned about the air duct replacing, it usually was a 3 man task, and would take sometimes a full 8 hour day or more. This HVAC workman was entirely impressive! The two of us had a great enjoyable time on our little local getaway, and this HVAC workman was a great person to meet.

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