A weekend trip that was so much fun

Every year during the summer, our family and I spend a afternoon at Busch-Gardens.

Every one of us usually try to spend the night after being gone all afternoon, however occasionally it’s easier to drive house late at night. Every one of us went to Busch Gardens last Friday, and traffic was atrocious. It took an hour longer than we anticipated to get to Tampa. The park was filled with tourists and visitors, and all of the lines were legitimately long. It was an incredibly stressed afternoon for off-season. Every one of us tried to stay until closing time, since we didn’t ride our first ride until almost noon; By the time we were getting ready to leave the park, our partner and I were tired. I hated to spend extra money on a hotel, however we didn’t have a choice. I was too tired to drive and so was our partner. The kids were fast asleep, and there wasn’t enough noise to keep us awake. Every one of us decided to find a hotel in Tampa, since the traffic leaving neighborhood was rough… Luckily, we didn’t have too much trouble finding a Tampa hotel online. My partner and I used one of those applications that let you search abruptly for a cheap hotel. As soon as we put Tampa into the search, we had results from 100 different hotels. Every one of us slimed down our search to find something affordable with an extra bed for the kids. Every one of us found a nice suite for $105 a night. It had a pull-out sofa in the entryway and a separate study room for our partner and I. When we woke up in the afternoon, we drove house from Tampa.

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