Another cost

A few months ago our husband & I went shopping for family room furniture.

In our opinion I really didn’t care what all of us bought I just wanted to get a fantastic deal & buy something I wouldn’t have to update in a year or multiple.

I do not like wasting money on anything. When the salesman told us that the 1 our husband wanted was fifty percent off that was all I really needed to hear. I told our husband to handle the details & headed off to the outdoor store to check out the up-to-date ice fishing stuff. Time went our & our husband told myself and others 1 morning that the up-to-date furniture would be delivered in just a few days. She seemed a bit upset about it however I just thought he was sad about how the set would look. She arranged for the seasoned stuff to be picked up by a local charity & made sure the floors were all cleaned prior to arrival. When the truck pulled in & I saw the set it didn’t look how I remembered it & there were additional pieces that I do not remember seeing in the showroom. Then the driver handed myself and others the invoice & it all became legitimately clear. There was an upcharge for custom fabric, multiple additional add ons for side tables & even a rush fee for the changes, no wonder our husband was upset & I didn’t know the furniture. So much for our fifty percent savings. I ended up paying more than the original price with all the changes that our husband proposed after I left the store.


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