What SEM does for a business

Over the past decade around 50 billion dollars were spent on search engine advertising.

In the last couple of years, SEM has skyrocketed.

There are billions of new websites online, & it’s hard to get any small business seen on page one of google. SEM is a way of advertising that includes using the internet as your main lens. A few years back, I was hired to task as the advertising leader for a large Heating & Air Conditioning supplier. They were losing clients right & left to other online competitors. They had a little website with genuinely little information. It was hard to navigate & some of the links were not working. I have a background in web design & SEM. I went to school to understand internet advertising & management. When the Heating & Air Conditioning dealer hired myself and others to task as the ad director, I instantly decided to task on the website. I spent a few weeks finally working on the logo, graphics, & keywords. The website has been up & going for weeks now, & we have a high amount of traffic every day. I have a special analytics plan that tells myself and others how several people visit the website every day. It also provides info like the pages seen, links pressed, & incoming sponsor information, and just since I started finally working for the Heating & Air Conditioning dealer, our online presence has gone up and up. I have shown my worth in a short amount of time. I hope it continues to all be good news.



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