Personal injury can be nothing

They now have to put “sizzling” on the side of their cups warning people.

I live in the north and it is shocking how various personal injury lawyers there are. It seems every time I drive there is a giant billboard of a personal injury lawyer demanding business. So do a lot of people in the north fall or get hit by cars? Is this area more prone to personal injury than another? I don’t believe there would be a situation that I would call up a lawyer and demand going to court, but some people take personal injury law to the extreme. If I walk in an eating establishment and slip on the wet floor, that is my own fault. I would not guess to sue the eating establishment and get a lawyer to get me some currency. I heard about a single case where a guy spilled sizzling hot tea all over himself and burned his hands then he got a personal injury lawyer to take his case. He sued the food supplier and got a whole bunch of currency. They now have to put “sizzling” on the side of their cups warning people. Apparently the guy did not realize it would be sizzling or thought it would be cold. How strange is that? I get that there are certain cases where getting a lawyer might be necessary: a car accident where a man is damaged beyond repair, and it is not their fault, is worth getting legal compensation. So is getting hurt in a building when it is not up to code. There was a case where a company was dumping toxins into the water that people were drinking and getting cancer from… Yes, that is worth seeking help for but would that still be under personal injury law?

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